Canyon Shake Stone-Coated Metal Roofs


For a metal roof that looks like wood shakes but is lighter in weight and protects against the most extreme weather conditions we recommend the installation of a Canyon Shake roof. Integrity Roofing is the Anchorage roofing contractor with the most experience in installing these rugged roofs.

Canyon Shake stone-coated steel roofs are designed to emulate the look of traditional hand-split wood shakes. They are available in several wood tones and accent shades.

A Canyon Shake roof installed by Integrity Roofing & Windows will protect your home against extreme weather conditions including blizzards, tornadoes, hail and fire; and has been tested up to 170 mph winds. In fact, many insurance companies offer lower homeowners insurance premiums when a Canyon Shake roof is installed, thanks to its strength and durability.

We’d be happy to sit down with you to show you a sample of a beautiful, durable Canyon Shake stone-coated roofing panel, and to discuss installing one of these remarkable roofs on your home.

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