12 Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof Anchorage


Metal roofs are quickly becoming a go-to system for roofing contractors Alaska. Here are 12 reasons why a metal roofing system from Integrity Roofing & Windows is a good choice when replacing your roof.

  1. Weather Resistant- Made from strong metals, rain, wind, ice, snow, storm damage and other elements are a nonfactor.
  2. Long Service Life- Unlike most roofing systems, time and weather do not have major effects on metal roofing.
  3. Maintenance Free- A metal roofing system is virtually maintenance free.
  4. Energy Efficient- The Dept of Energy confirmed a 45% reduction in heat penetration into homes with metal roofing.
  5. Quick Installation- Lightweight and malleable, metal roofing can be installed rapidly, and can even be installed over many existing roofs.
  6. Curb Appeal- Available in a wide range of fade-resistant colors that will make any home more aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Algae Resistant- Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs are not susceptible to damaging algae build-up.
  8. Resale Value- The value of your home is increased by $1.35 a foot.
  9. Insurance Discounts- Many major insurance companies offer big discounts for metal roofing.
  10. Relatively Inexpensive- Costs less than slate, tile, and many types of shingle roofing.
  11. Integrity is Certified- We are certified to install metal roofs in order to protect you.
  12. Warranties- Our workmanship guarantee, combined with the manufacturer’s warranty, gives you peace of mind.

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