Roof Repair in Anchorage can help Secure Your Home against the Elements

This year’s winter has been particularly harsh and it seems like it doesn’t want to slacken its grip just yet in many parts of the United States despite spring’s approach. Bitterly cold air and snow continues to batter homes well into March and the damage build-up can cause a great deal of stress. Alaskan blizzards are often heavy and can last for days at a time; however, a recent occurrence in Valdez still left many residents in shock. A huge avalanche cut off one of the road systems in town: Read on…

Icicles Hanging on Your Gutters in Anchorage? Contact a Professional Now

All year round, Alaskans are used to the cold weather always heading their way. Experts say that we can expect this climate pattern to worsen as the effects of global warming become more apparent. However, in some parts of the state like Anchorage, the locals have been experiencing warmer temperature a couple of months now. It might still cool down in the next few days but no one can predict for sure. Residents have had to adapt quickly due to the record setting warmth: Read on…

Good Window Companies in Eagle River, AK Can Help Bring Light to Homes

A January 6, 2014 article by Frank E. Baker for the Alaska Dispatch details the passion Alaskans have towards sunlight; a passion that is amplified during the winter. Baker writes: Read on…

Insulated Windows in Anchorage Can Help Fight Against Weather Extremes

An Alaska Dispatch article published December 31, 2013 looks back into the weather that Anchorage and the rest of Alaska experienced in 2013.

Anchorage saw its longest snow season since 1917, with the first snow recorded Sept. 28, 2012, and the last of the season on May 18, for a total of 232 days with snow in the 2012-2013 winter.

A chilly spring wreaked havoc on Alaska residents, and the National Snow and Ice Data Center later confirmed that the “spring from hell” was far colder than normal. A late-blooming summer burst into a record-breaking heat wave in many parts of the state. Anchorage was similarly hit with a heat wave in June and July, with balmy temperatures a major turnaround after five years of cool summer temperatures.

Anchorage’s autumn weather, Pepe said, “flip-flopped a lot,” with temperatures above and below zero, before settling into a more regular pattern come winter. In Anchorage, a snowfall on Dec. 14 broke the daily record dumping 8.5 inches of snow [...]“

The Dispatch article presented how difficult the weather has been for most Alaskans, which brings to mind the importance of keeping families warm in the state. Such means include installing insulated windows in Anchorage homes.

2013 a year of alaska weather extremes from barrow to juneau

Annual mean temperatures the Final Frontier experienced has increased by almost four degrees Fahrenheit from 1949 to 2005. This means that winters are actually getting warmer in the state. The Alaskan climate, however, can be more accurately described as a fortune cookie that contains wild weather which can surprise even the hardened local.

It is due to this fact that citizens in Anchorage get windows especially made to battle the cold. The greatest benefit of insulated windows would have to be low heat penetration. These windows help keep the warmth inside the house during cold and lengthy winters, like the winters Alaskans constantly experience.

Insulated windows also work during the summertime. These windows stop heat from entering the house, which help keep summertime temperatures low. These windows help any Alaskan household prepare for any sudden heat waves Mother Nature could throw at them.

Insulated windows can do a lot to help keep an Alaskan family comfortable and happy. Interested homeowners can contact reliable services like Integrity Roofing & Windows to learn more.


(Article Excerpt and Image from 2013: A year of Alaska weather extremes, from Barrow to Juneau, Alaska Dispatch, December 31, 2013)

Roofing Companies in Eagle River, AK Provide Emergency Repair Services

The roofing system is a home’s principal line of defense against precipitation such as rain and snow, which are two things Eagle River, AK gets plenty of throughout the course of a year. As such, it is important for homeowners to maintain their roofing systems regularly to ensure their roofs work properly, as a report from Consumer Reports attests: Read on…

Overcoming Snow Damage with Well-Timed Roof Repair in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, Alaska is no stranger to cold weather and snow. According to a report from the Anchorage Daily News, the city experienced it’s highest volume of snowfall for 2013 just last December:


A winter storm Saturday [December 14] blanketed Anchorage with the most snow it has seen so far this season.

The National Weather Service recorded 7.5 inches of snow late Saturday afternoon at Old Seward Highway and East Tudor Road. With snow still falling, the depth already topped the 7.3 inches recorded from the Nov. 10 snowstorm, said meteorologist Dave Stricklan.” Read on…

Roofing Companies in Anchorage Hooking You Up with Durable Cold Steel

There are many roofing options available for your home, with one particular class standing out. Former Roofing Industry Educational Institute technical director emeritus Richard Hicklas explains in his piece for Read on…

Clearing out Gutters in Anchorage: Important To Survive the Winter

When you’re a fully hands-on homeowner, you’re expected to know every last nook and cranny of your property and fix any problems that might appear. As Dan Shaffer of ABC Action News down in Florida puts so well regarding one particular aspect: Read on…

When is it Wise to Reliable Hire Window Companies in Eagle River, AK?

Despite the purported energy-saving and curb appeal-boosting benefits of a window replacement project, keep in mind that it can become a costly and complicated endeavor, with a five-digit price tag not being unusual. As such, Redbeacon advises homeowners to not be willy-nilly about contacting window professionals in Texas, Alaska, or elsewhere and instead reserve window replacements for more pragmatic reasons such as the following:
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Read the Labels and Seek Help When Buying Brand-New Anchorage Windows

Jefferson Public Radio’s Courtney Flatt reports on the findings of researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who tested the overall effectiveness and cost-efficiency of replacement windows found in the Northwestern United States. The researchers discovered that triple-pane insulated windows can save more energy in the summer rather than the winter, at a rate of about 18 percent compared to 11 percent, which could help homeowners decide on the timing of their home retrofits. “We shouldn’t forget that triple-pane windows reduce energy usage, which helps the environment and reduces the impact of our energy use on the climate”, says one of the laboratory’s research engineers.
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