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For more than 25 years Integrity Roofing & Windows has been serving our neighbors in Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Palmer, Girdwood and beyond. Here are just a few of their reactions to the work we’ve done.

Dear Roger,

Ann and I Really appreciate and love our new roof and windows. We have noticed better fuel economy and warmth in the house this winter.

Have a Great New Year! We do recommend your firm to all of our friends and neighbors. Many have asked how we like your work and all.


Wendell Lane & Ann WingQuest

Hi Quentin,

Just wanted to let you know your guys did a great job on the windows at our place! Leah and I are very pleased with the outcome.
Thanks again,

Todd Erickson

Hi Chris,

We are enjoying the new windows. They are much warmer and I feel better knowing that there is now a lot more support (cripples and a header) than there was before.

Thanks for checking in we appreciate your professionalism. Your crew was friendly and professional also. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Integrity Windows to anybody!.

Happy holidays to you and your team.

Barbara and Steven


Just a quick note to thank you and Integrity Roofing Siding & Windows for the terrific job you recently performed on our windows. Your professionalism before, during and after installation was fantastic. We were most impressed with the installation and the consideration shown by your staff. We would highly recommend your services to any potential customers.

Thanks again;

Dr. Mark & Tina Moronell

To Whom It May Concern:

I've been really impressed with our customer relations with Integrity. They took the extra effort to make sure we understood everything about our order and made sure we were pleased. We had their Project Consultant (Mike) come to talk with us about the windows several times, until we felt satisfied, and broke down our order in many ways until we were able to get what we wanted.

Then Quentin came out, very nice guy, and very good with our kids, which I appreciate. He re-measured everything and again verified what we wanted. He showed up the day the windows arrived at our house and introduced us to the project supervisor, Thad, who was also very nice. We had very nice men at our house, working on our windows. I have two very small children, one learning how to talk, and not once did I hear fowl language come from any of their mouths, and they were also very genuine and pleasant. These things are very important to me.

I noticed an immediate difference in the feel of the windows. We had double paned wood casement windows from the late 70's, they had broken their seals. We replaced them with the 'Renewal by Andersen' gliding windows. There is no more cold drafts from the outside anymore! It almost feels like the air is being warmed by the windows.

When the project was complete, one more person from Integrity came and performed a quality control check on the installation. He was just as nice and professional as the other guys.

The work was done fast, well, and clean. They vacuumed the carpets and cleaned the exterior as well. They left no trace!

We love our new windows, they're very nice. I love how they can come out and be cleaned without having to lean out the window, and I can open them from either side.

Thanks for all your hard work, professionalism, and care in making sure we're happy.

Ann Reed

Dear Roger and all the folks at Integrity;

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for how quickly and professionally Quinton (your Service Manager) and Thad (your Service Tech) responded to my roof leak issue. I had you guys replace a flat roof section of my house in 2008 and this week I discovered a leak. The same day I contacted Integrity Quinton had arranged for Thad to come out and take a look at the leak. Thad did a great job of fixing the leak. I really appreciated their professionalism and timeliness.


John Whittington

Dear Integrity Roofing, Siding and Windows,

We are writing to tell you how pleased we are with your services. In recent months we had problems with the roof on our home. We were frustrated because the roof was replaced only a year ago. Our neighbor, Mike Williams suggested that we give your company a call. It was nice to know that the roofing side of your company has been in business for over 20 years in Alaska.

We were extremely pleased with the initial consultation where you gave us information and helped us find the best solution for our circumstances. The crewmembers who worked on our home were professional and courteous. We have an assisted living home, and this rapport was very important to us.We are happy that we took up Mike’s suggestion to call you; the whole experience has been great. We look forward to all the benefits of the work done on our home by your company. We expect reduced costs on our utility bills, and much peace of mind overall.



Dear Roger and Chris,

Because we were so impressed with the outstanding work and roof you put on our home, we wanted to see if we could also use your services to install new windows. We so appreciate all the time you spent surveying our needs and preparing the professional presentation, and we recognize that what you do is above and beyond what others do. Your presentation is indeed helpful in understanding your products and your services.

We were excited about the prospect of installing Andersen windows, which we recognize is the top window. Unfortunately, we weren’t sure how to figure our own budget; we have a certain amount saved, but we were also hoping to cover other projects and likewise don’t know what costs to expect there. Probably in the depths of our minds we were thinking the windows project might be somewhere in the neighborhood of what our roof expense was or a bit more. We have also discussed the wisdom of such a large window investment into the caliber of house we own.

The preparation time you invested on our behalf is truly appreciated, and we certainly don’t want you to view this experience as a failure. Other than the length of the presentation, the only other suggestion would be if we had a ballpark figure up front as to what this project might cost with Andersen windows, we might have been able to say sooner whether we would be candidates for your project.

We want you to know that we are thrilled with the roof and have the utmost respect for the ‘integrity’ of your company as well as the quality of your work and products. We highly recommend you. Thank you for working with us.

Sincerely yours,

Carl and Donna Pearson

My husband and I hired Integrity to replace 5 windows in our house using Renewal by Andersen window replacements.

I have found this company to be honest, timely and efficient in their work. The crew was very conscieneous of our needs and of the disruption replacing the windows caused for us and minimized it as much as they were able to do so.
They worked fast, hard and were very professional in their work.

We are very pleased with the product and workmanship and timely manner in which Integrity employees replaced our windows.
I highly recommend anyone who has the need to replace windows to use Integrity. We can be called at any time for a recommendation.


Ron and Judy Greene.

Dear Chris,

While I tend to be wordy, I am going to make an effort to summarize what I want to tell you. I know you like handwritten letters, but my penmanship is such that you will have to trust me that a typewritten letter is better, as well as easier on the eyes.

First of all, let me state that Lee and I love the windows. They are everything you said they would be. And, yes, if a tornado spins through Eagle River and blows them all away, we will choose Integrity to replace the replacement windows.

Do you remember sitting at our kitchen table and asking me why I dislike awning windows? You explained that it was the perfect window in certain applications and I asked for an example where a homeowner might opt for one. You pointed to the kitchen window, detailing why it might be interested to know our new awning kitchen window is my favorite of the thirteen windows you replaced. I love the living room picture window, the bat window is outstanding and the new sliding glass doors are such an improvement. However, it is that awning window that I like the best.

There are not enough words of praise to describe the respect and admiration I fell for your installers. Judah, Mike and Time are true craftsmen who possess an extraordinary high work ethic and attention to detail. They worked nonstop, taking their time to install each window with precision and perfection. It would not be an exaggeration to say I felt like they would not have used more care had they been installing windows in their own house.

In conclusion, let me state our overall experience with Integrity was positive, the Andersen windows are high quality, the workers were the best and we are definitely in the 98% of your customers who would refer others to Integrity.

Very truly yours,

Molly Baker

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